Bear 2 Thumbnailer

Convert Bear 2 images into thumbnails by pasting markdown onto this page.

Waiting for markdown to be pasted...
  1. Set your preferred thumbnail width:
    (link 🔗 for manual control of width via address bar)
  2. Select any/all of a note in Bear 2
  3. In Bear 2's menu, click on Edit > Copy As > Markdown (adding a keyboard shortcut via System Settings can make this easier)
  4. Open this page and paste by pressing ⌘V
  5. Return to Bear 2 and paste over your same selection using ⌘V

Bear 2 Thumbnailer is a temporary workaround to make the transition from Bear to Bear 2 easier. This tool is shared with the community as a bear hug and All logic is performed directly within your browser, so your note data never leaves your computer. This Bear 2 Thumbnailer is open source.